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Get Your Hose, Sooner.

After 50 years of service in Texas and Kansas, Austin Hose furthers its reach into the Heartland with our newest branch in Oklahoma City. We’re proud to serve the Sooner State with the same expert knowledge, unbeatable customer service and enormous selection that’s made us a leading provider of hose, fittings and accessories. With our extensive history working with the Oil & Gas industry, you better believe that we’ll get you the hose you need when you need it.

Say Goodbye To Downtime.

Austin Hose is dedicated to making downtime a thing of the past. We’ve built our Rig Package from the ground up to keep your rig running in optimal condition. We'll help you minimize downtime, keep your systems running at peak efficiency, and provide solutions to ensure your equipment is as safe as possible.

A Closer Look.

Most folks on a rig are not hose experts, but that’s okay. Austin Hose will come to your site, take measurements and photos, gather data, and make recommendations to extend hose life. With our Rig Survey we’ll identify every hose on your rig, as well as its location – so you have all the data needed to quickly replace rotary assemblies without cutting into production time.
Your hose assemblies are a vital part of your operation. On-site bore scoping pushes your knowledge one step further. Since most wear and tear occurs inside the hose where you can’t see it, we’ll use our bore scope to diagnose any potential problems, and catch problems before they catch you.

Yeah, We've Got That.

At Austin Hose, we understand that any downtime is money lost. We have the merchandise you need when you need it.  We stock many pre-made assemblies, allowing us to put them on the trailer and deliver at a moment’s notice.  This is a key component that allows us to provide the industry’s best lead-time.

Your business doesn’t take time off and neither do we.  We can deliver to the rig, day or night.  We always answer those late night calls, even on holidays.  You’ll never have to worry about finding someone in the middle of the night again.

Asset Management. Simplified.

Have your Rig Managers ever wasted time searching for certifications? Austin Hose has the solution to make that problem go away. Our Online Asset Management service provides customers with access to information of every hose on the rig, all in one place. And when a hose needs to be replaced, simply reorder with no guesswork.

Beyond The Rig

Our industry leading service doesn't stop at the rig. Contact Austin Hose today to learn how we can enhance your operations in HAULING, FRACKING and more.