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Your New Source. 

Welcome to the all-new Austin Hose Blog. Our goal with this blog is to bring you an up-to-date, extensive source of information to extend the life of your hydraulic and industrial systems. Check back here regularly for the latest in industry news, product information, technical information, and learn about our exclusive services that set Austin apart from the rest. We’ve been at this a while, and we want to share the experience we’ve gained with you. To start we’ll give a simple overview of who we are and what we can do to keep fluid power systems running at peak efficiency.

When We Say Everything Hose, We Mean It. 

Since 1966 Austin Hose has been your one stop shop for everything hose. We’re committed to providing our customers with top notch customer service, expanding their knowledge of their own fluid power systems, and providing them with an unbeatable selection of hose, fittings, accessories and more. Read more to find out how we back up our claim.


A Solid Foundation.

Since the very beginning, our reputation was built on our expertly constructed hose kits. We begin by staging the entire kit, down to the exact specifications for length and orientations. We then cut, clean, and crimp the hoses before tagging for easy tracking and identification. Finally, we organize it into the order you specify, to take the guesswork out of installation. We’ll even stock your most used kits, so you’ll never have to wait.

Cleanliness, As They Say...

From start to finish, we understand that cleanliness is the essential ingredient to longer hose life. The number one cause for hydraulic failure is hose contamination. That’s why we employ state of the art saws designed specifically for hose cutting, minimizing debris and smoke. We also employ various hose cleaning technologies, such as the UltraClean system, to ensure that even the smallest specks of debris are never introduced to your equipment.

Safety First.

The importance of safety can’t be understated; especially with the literal high-pressure situations our customers find themselves in day-in and day-out. Beyond our extensive cleaning of newly built hose assemblies, we offer an array of services designed to give you piece of mind. With specialty services like pressure testing, on-site bore scoping and rig surveys, we’ll make sure your hoses are operating at peak efficiency and safety.


Knowledge Is Power.

It’s your business to know what’s going on with your equipment. At Austin Hose, we have a wealth of experience with every kind of fluid power system imaginable. You may not always know exactly what you need, but it’s okay to ask. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you in the proper selection of assemblies and accessories to fit your needs. From simple replacements and repairs, to efficiency improvements and complete overhauls, we’ll help you select the products and techniques to get the most out of your systems.

inventory & more 

Did We Mention Everything?

Of course, all our services and knowledge mean nothing without an ever-expanding inventory to put them to work. From hydraulic hose, fittings, adapters and cylinders to absorbents, crimpers and belts, we carry an exhaustive line of products from leading manufacturers to complete your workflow. 

Location, Location, Location (Location, Location, Location).

With 6 fully stocked branches in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, we’re primed to serve a large swath of the Southwest. Come on by any one of our locations, for the same great service and knowledge you’ve come to expect from Austin Hose. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. 

stay tuned 

Austin Hose is still growing after 50 years, and even if we’re not in your neck of the woods, you can access our extensive selection online, 24 hours a day. We hope you’ll make your source for everything hose, and beyond. 

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