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Part 1 of our Rig Package series

Results That Work For You

At Austin Hose, we know that our success is measured by your own. With our Rig Package, you’ll find a system of first-rate services designed to keep your rigs up and running at peak efficiency. With the drilling specific services provided, in combination with our extensive selection of premium hose and fittings, you’ll get measurable reductions in equipment loss and failure, resulting in less downtime and less money wasted.

With 4 basic categories of service, our Rig Package delivers a holistic approach to maintain peak fitness of your hydraulic systems:

Getting Started

The first step to success is always critical. In order to tailor our Rig Package to your specific needs, we’ll go over your rig with a fine-toothed comb. Our hydraulic hose experts will come to your site to measure and photograph EVERY SINGLE hose assembly on your rig. We’ll document and report our findings, and present our recommended approach to ensure the peak performance of all your hose assemblies and the equipment they run.

As we tour your rig, we’ll compile a comprehensive overview of every hose assembly on site, including what hose is on what rig, and where that hose is located. We’ll even report our findings on the condition of each hose, along with our recommendations for maintaining or replacing them.  But we’re not just trying to sell new hose assemblies. Our experts will make every effort to help you extend the life of your existing hose assemblies, as well as any you install in the future.

Our goal is to make your rig manager’s job easier. We’ll take the guesswork out of hose replacement by providing you with all the data you need to quickly replace your rotary assemblies and get back on the job. 

An Ounce Of Prevention

Catastrophic failures are no laughing matter. Downtime on your rig means wasted man-hours and wasted money.  By conducting the Rig Survey, we aim to diagnose any potential problems with your hoses.  This information is critical to avoid failures and keep operations moving. Prevention is worth its weight in black gold.

As obvious as it may seem, it’s easy to forget that the reliability of your operations is fundamentally tied to the health of your hose assemblies. Up to 50% of all downtime on the rig is due to failed hose assemblies. There’s no reason to become a statistic. Give Austin Hose the chance to perform a Rig Survey at your site, and we’ll help you lay the groundwork to better performance.

Building More Than Hose Assemblies

It could be easy to overlook, but one of the most crucial aspects of our on-site Rig Survey is the opportunity it provides for building strong relationships and educating your crew. We’ll get to know your needs and wants, and help you make informed decisions that impact daily productivity on the rig.

Knowledge Is Power

While we’re on site, we can walk you through the exact functions and ideal conditions for any assembly you’re running. We’ll show you how to identify potential problems, and give you recommendations to maintain peak performance. Even though we can’t always be there, you can rest easy knowing that your crew is well-versed in Everything Hose.

Ready When You Are

Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late. The success of your drilling operation is tied directly to the health of your hose assemblies. Give Austin Hose the opportunity to earn your business and your trust today.

We're Here To Help

Can’t find what you need? Need a bit more help? We’re always available. Let us know what Austin can do for you.