Floor Gator - Premium Oil Absorbent for Oil and Water Based Spills

Item #: GIGS-20

Product Info


  • Encapsulates – Non Leaching – Non Carcinogenic.

  • Absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil-based products.

  • Helps meet EPA 1996 mandate to reduce waste by 50%.

  • Reduces the risk of accidents from residue left over by other absorbents.

  • Contributes 7,000 BTU’s with less than 5% ash during incineration.


  • Fuel, Oil & Grease Spills

  • Volatile Liquid Spills

  • Antifreeze Spills

Use Directions

  • Apply FLOOR GATOR directly to the spilled liquid.

  • If liquid is spreading, simply form a dam using FLOOR GATOR to contain the spill.

  • Immediately begin sweeping the FLOOR GATOR back and forth through the liquid.

  • FLOOR GATOR will absorb the liquid and will not require secondary cleanup if enough product is used.

  • Once the liquid is absorbed the contaminated FLOOR GATOR should be swept up.

  • FLOOR GATOR can be reused until fully saturated.

Item Specifications

  • 30.000000 lbs per
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