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What are DYNA-WIPES Muscle? Simply, the heaviest-duty, pre-moistened cleaning towel available on the market! The DYNA-WIPES Muscle contains a specially formulated agent for dissolving grease and grime, plus the towel is uniquely designed with dual textures – one side is smooth, while the other side has added Muscle Beads to provide a slightly rough texture to get into the cracks and crevices in your skin when extra cleaning power is required.

The proprietary cleaning agents in DYNA-WIPES Muscle allow you to clean your hands anywhere. Remove ink and grease without water right at the press. There is no need to rinse as DYNA-WIPES Muscle contains four skin conditioners. They are non-flammable, so you can simply discard them as a normal paper towel (observing general care regarding cleaning products).

Each tub contains 80 towels


  • 9” x 11” heavy duty smooth pre-moistened cleaning wipes

  • Works where others won’t Removes grease, spray paint, coffee stains, permanent marker, pitch, label residue, carpet spots, varnishes, and more

  • Use on a variety of surfaces Stainless steel, vinyl windows, tools and equipment, counters, tennis shoes, sports equipment, and more!

  • More cleaning power than any other wipe on the market Dyna-Wipes are LOADED with cleaning solution

  • Safe for hands Contains four skin conditioners: Vitamin E, Aloe, Lanolin, and Glycerin

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