InnOVATION IS WHAT moves us. 

Our brand has stood the test of time with more than three decades of tried and true service. Now, a new era starts, not just a new image, we are stronger, bigger and more innovative than ever. Shop our line today.

Hydraulic Hose

Wire, 2 Wire, 4 Spiral, 6 Spiral.


10k PSI, 12k PSI, 14k PSI, 15k PSI, 16k PSI, 18k PSI.

2" 10,000 PSI Kelly Hose

Mud & cementing hose.

Water Suction & Discharge

Oilfield Vac Hose

Red Stripe Tank Truck 150#

Red Stripe Tank Truck 300#

UHMWPE Chemical Hose

Hydrovac Suction Hose

Hot Air Blower Hose

Dry Cement Discharge Hose 

Blowout Preventer Hose

400# Frac Hose

Dock Hose

Composite Hose 

Textile Braided Concrete Hose1,232 PSI

Concrete, Plaster & Grout Hose1,232 PSI

Wire Braided Concrete Hose1,450 PSI

Lay Flat Concrete Boom Hose1,250 PSI

Wire Braid Air Hose "Bull Hose"

Jack Hammer Air Hose Assemblies

"Crows Feet" Assemblies in Green, Yellow, Blue & Red