8 FT Table
16 FT Table
CG20 - $11,000GC20 - $12,000
PC707 - $11,000PC707 - $12,000
CG32 - $19,000GC32 - $20,000

*Note: Minimum $10,000 stock order required with all table orders.


Everything you need to properly measure, cut, clean, and crimp hydraulic hoses. A turnkey solution made for any size shop. Contact us for details today!

gc20 crimper

Gates® GC20™ with Gates® Cortex™ Intelligence takes the guesswork out of hydraulic assembly fabrication. Our innovative crimper features intuitive touch-screen controls, improved ergonomics, and on-board training. The intelligent Cortex™ platform brings smart crimper technology and real-time connectivity providing the latest up-to-date product crimp specifications with integrated Gates® eCrimp™ settings and remote support for ultimate operational efficiency..

Mega Clean

Capable of cleaning ¼” - 1¼” hose,
tube or pipe.
• Easy manual projectile loading.
• The Bench Mount Launcher is supplied
with a 5 micron air filter, pneumatic
foot switch with twin line air hose
and your choice of 8 hose or tube nozzles
¼" - 1¼" (6mm -32mm ID).

clean cut saw

Clean-Cuts™ hydraulic hose cutting system is break-through technology using a toothed knife, cutting with the backs of each tooth, so the knife does not take a kerf. The saw bends the hose into the blade spreading the cut edges to avoid burning and smoking.


Do you ever find yourself needing to identify an off-the-wall fitting? You can now identify any hydraulic fitting with our thread ID kit. Includes male and female sides for Pipe, British, Japanese, DIN and Komatsu.

reel rack

We know that efficiency is a most in every shop. Our reel racks will save you a ton of space, and give you immediate access to your hose. Need to move it? No problem, all of our racks come with casters for easy maneuvering.

qr codes on bin labels

Reordering has never been easier. With our state of the art app (available for android and IOS) you simply scan the label, place your order and you're done.

Bonus features

We worked tirelessly to build the perfect set up for your shop. All of our builds come equipped with bonus features including:


nozzle holder

die holder

measuring tape

custom built table

Your choice of a 16ft or 8ft table made of steel complete our Plug & Play hose shop. Table includes a hose track with metal measuring tape and moveable hose stop.