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The oil rig never sleeps, and at Austin Hose, we have the services, tools and expertise to keep production up and running. We'll help you minimize downtime, keep your systems running at peak efficiency, and provide solutions to ensure your equipment is as safe as possible.

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rig surveys

We come to your site, take measurements and photos, and document all rotary lines so there is no guesswork on reordering. This gives us an idea of what we need to stock for that rig so we can deliver the industry’s best lead time.

pressure testing

We know how important it is to be 100% certain, especially when it comes to high pressure.  Don’t risk the safety of your employees or downtime by not having your hoses tested.  All of our pressure testing comes with certifications that can be easily accessed on our asset management web page.

bore scoping

Sometimes, a hose can look brand new from the outside but the inside can reveal a much different story.  We can come to your site and bore scope any hose to make sure that it’s fit for service.  These hoses are vital to your operation, let us make sure they are in good shape for you!

24/7 delivery

Your business doesn’t take time off and neither do we.  We can deliver anywhere in the USA at any time needed.  We always answer those late night calls, even on holidays.  You’ll never have to worry about finding someone in the middle of the night again!.

on-hand inventory

Downtime costs $1,000s every hour.  You can’t afford to be waiting on product.  We have the merchandise you need when you need it.  We stock many pre-made assemblies which allows us to put them on the trailer and deliver at a moment’s notice.  This is a key component that allows us to provide the industry’s best lead time

asset management

We can track any hose or product.  This gives our customers great insight to what is going on with their hoses and helps them make good preventative maintenance decisions.  This also ensures safety because we know exactly how long these items have been in service.

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beyond the rig

Our industry leading service doesn't stop at the rig. Contact Austin Hose today to learn how we can enhance your operations in HAULING, FRACKING and more.