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We've Got The Goods

Part 3 of our Rig Package series

Ready When You Are

The rig never sleeps, and neither do we. Equipment failure can strike at any time, day or night. Our Rig Package is designed from the ground up to minimize downtime, and maximize the efficiency of your operations. In addition to our other premium services, Rig Package customers can expect a level service and an enormous selection of in-stock products to keep you going.

With 4 basic categories of service, our Rig Package delivers a holistic approach to maintain peak fitness of your hydraulic systems:

Your Perfect Backup

We’re always waiting on the sidelines to make sure that you’re not. When you enroll in the Rig Package, we’ll come to your site and take a survey of every hose on your rig, and maintain records down to their expected lifespans and locations on-site. So you know that the next time you need an emergency replacement, we’ll have you fixed up in no time. And best of all, you don’t even need to come to us. We stock most of the assemblies we survey, and we’ll deliver directly to your rig, any time. Period.

Yup. We've Got That

For over 50 years, Austin Hose has been THE one stop shop for Everything Hose. Our team has decades of experience in our industry and yours. We know that when you need a hose, you need it now. We’ve got the goods to keep operations moving. 

We're Here To Help

Can’t find what you need? Need a bit more help? We’re always available. Let us know what Austin can do for you.